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Another new addition to the list of content management systems, ModX brings in several new features that previous CMSs seemed to have lacked. It is believed to be more flexible than Wordpress, better website control than Joomla, easier than Drupal and an extensive number of features. Overall, if you have been looking for a highly search engine friendly website that is easy to design and manage, ModXcan be a great choice. Licensed under GPL, ModX enhances the flexibility of content publishing by allowing for intranet controls. Consequently, you have the power to build a website just like you would want it to be.

ModX, though relatively new, brings in several advantages, including:

Tremendously powerful and user friendly

  • No restriction in maintenance and creativity enhancements
  • Highly search engine friendly
  • Standard coding using CSS, WYSIWYG, XML and AJAX
  • Multilingual facilities
  • Hundreds of useful and unique plugins and ad-ons
  • Ease of maintenance

At AppsShoppy, we have been behind deploying dozens of ModX websites since its launch. We believe in delivering highly customized ModX solutions and this also makes us one of the most sought after website development service providers when it comes to ModX CMS. With AppsShoppyModX team, you are guaranteed a high standard of service in agreed time frames and affordable prices.

If you have been looking for ModX developers for your business website, we at AppsShoppy would be happy to help. Call us today for quotes.

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  • I am thoroughly happy with all work submitted thus far. AppsShoppy Completes work that is of the highest quality, they are incredibly fast with completing all corrections & are speedy with all communications. Definitely would recommend!!!

    Theophilia WAskmeGod

  • Such a pleasure to work with! Always willing to go the extra step and resolve any issues which occur.

    Joshua DWhoisnext

  • We highly recommend AppsShoppy to any buyer. They have been fantastic and absolutely 100% delivered what we asked for. Perfect communication and always timely. We have worked with them for a month and we are really pleased/ A+++.

    Andy TManaging Director

  • Absolutely fantastic to work with AppsShoppy team. His team are the best at what they do and I would whole heartedly recommend their services. I look forward to working with them for future projects.

    Nathan Pespokeliving.com

  • It is a pleasure to work with AppsShoppy team. They are very well organised and professional, and provide excellent service. Have worked with them before and will work with them again

    Filipe FProject Manager


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